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Fieldhouse Dinkytown (55414), being an exceptional student accommodation in Minneapolis, offers a wide range of shared apartments providing students with a personalized and comfortable living experience. Positioned conveniently near the University of Minnesota and North Central University, the location emphasizes the ease of academic engagement, fostering a seamless connection between education and modern living. Experience the benefits of living near esteemed educational institutions while relishing the comfort and convenience of Fieldhouse Dinkytown, where students can thrive in a dynamic and supportive environment. With amber, you can find your ideal home away from home in the easiest manner possible. Making it a hassle-free process, amber makes it extremely convenient for students to find student accommodations such as Fieldhouse Dinkytown Apartments.

The dynamic city of Minneapolis offers a vibrant lifestyle to the students. Apart from the institutions' top-notch educational facilities, the city has become a student hub that welcomes students from around the world. It is quite easy for individuals from around the world to become one with the locals in the city. With a growing student population, it is quite easy to find student accommodation in Minneapolis. The City of Lakes Minneapolis is located in the state of Minnesota which adjoins the capital, Saint Paul. The city houses three lakes and various other water bodies, such as waterfalls and also the legendary Mississippi River. The city has evolved into a commercial city, carrying forward a rich history. With its growing economy, Minneapolis offers state-of-the-art infrastructure & transportation services. The population of Minneapolis consists of 4.25 million people, with a huge portion of young adults & adults. This results in a huge amount of people of the same age getting along, making it a happening place to live, especially for young people and students. Minneapolis happens to be a very well-connected city. Therefore, accessing the rest of Minnesota becomes easier. And Minnesota is one of the most beautiful states in the USA! Don’t forget to check out the Minnehaha Waterfalls in Minneapolis.

Rent is due on the first of each month, starting from August 1st.

Credit/Debit card & Bank transfer.

Property accepts both local & international guarantors.

Note: Without an approved guarantor you will be required to pay a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.

The property does not offer any cooling off period, all contracts are legal & binding.

Elevate your living experience at Fieldhouse Dinkytown, where a plethora of exceptional common amenities await, from bike storage and bike repair stations. The property also has a lounge space, gaming & media room, and luxury clubhouse. Fieldhouse Dinkytown apartments provide a courtyard event space and outdoor TVs. You can use the individual and group study rooms to have your focus time and study time with friends and mates. This Minneapolis student housing also offers vending machines and a state-of-the-art fitness center. For you to never miss out on your mail, Fieldhouse Dinkytown also provides a systematic mail room. The property also has EV charging stations that promote sustainability. The essence of it all, the property also provides high-speed internet, which is essential for students. Apart from this, additional common amenities provided by the property include a dishwasher, sofa, media stand, coffee table and bar stools.

One of the best things about Fieldhouse Dinkytown is that it allows pets, which the students highly like. Regarding the room amenities, the Fieldhouse Dinkytown offers balconies, patios and an in-unit washer and dryer. The rooms are essentially fully furnished and include smart TVs for the student's entertainment. The rooms also have a mattress and stainless steel appliances, so you don’t have to buy new ones as you move in. There are also custom cabinetry and headboards available. The rooms look chic and modern, with wood-style flooring and quartz countertops. Keeping safety and security as their top priority, the Fieldhouse Dinkytown have interior key access, electronic key access, package lockers and energy energy-efficient HVAC system.

Along with housing numerous prestigious universities such as the University of Minnesota, North Park University, Loyola University, and DePaul University & many more, students can taste and enjoy the taste of various cuisines from across the nations near their property. There are multiple restaurant options, such as Kbop Korean Bistro, Insomnia Cookies, and Tasty Pot and cafes, such as Bordertown Coffee and Ninth Street Soccer and Coffee, just minutes from the Fieldhouse Dinkytown apartment. If you wish to unleash your party animal on an odd Saturday night, then it is highly possible as there are so many clubs, pubs, and bar options available minutes' distance from the student housing in Minneapolis. Minneapolis Cider Company and HeadFlyer Brewing are some of the most liked and also the closest options near the Fieldhouse Dinkytown Apartments.

The City of Lakes is one of the most tempting places to study in the United States of America, with some of the greatest institutions in Minneapolis. With beautiful lakes encircling and covering the city, scenic wetlands supporting their own ecosystems, and breathtaking waterfalls, student housing in Minneapolis is an incredible opportunity for students from all over the world to experience what Minnesota and Minneapolis have to offer. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden opens from 6 in the morning to midnight and can be visited any time of the week. This is a great place for students to take a breather and unwind after a busy day at the university.

One can visit the Sculpture Garden, one of the top tourist attractions in Minneapolis, to stimulate their artistic side. Right after, you can head to some of the city’s best eateries and restaurants - Spoon and Stable, Alma, 112 Eatery, Zelo, and the Capital Grille are all wonderful places to fill up your stomach with some grub. That’s what makes student housing in Minneapolis so amazing.

Minneapolis has always been an impressive place when it comes to transportation and the infrastructure that it has built around it. The city is very well-connected and gives students the opportunity to be anywhere in the town without much hassle or worry. There are several bus stops located right outside the Fieldhouse Dinkytown apartments. This makes it convenient for students to travel back and forth to their universities. Students can also easily avail of various student discounts through several passes and offers. 4th St SE & 14th Ave SE and 4th St SE & 13th Ave SE are the closest bus stops to the Fieldhouse Dinkytown apartments. You can also find the East Bank metro station, which is just a few blocks away from the student housing in Minneapolis.

  • This holding fee of £50 prioritises & fast-tracks your application with our partners.
  • The £50 holding fee is fully refundable within 6 days of payment. Full refund is applicable whether your booking is finalized with Amber or even if we're unable to find a suitable match for you.
Quarto privado em 4th Street Southeast, Minneapolis | Erasmus Play (2024)
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