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If you’re in search of the best student accommodation in Huddersfield? Snow Island, Huddersfield, is just the right choice. Located at King's Mill Ln, Huddersfield, Snow Island, Huddersfield student accommodation is a well-known living space among students for its proximity to numerous academic institutions. Offering a variety of room types, including Premium 3 Plus En-suite, Classic Plus En-suite (both standard and accessible), and Premium 1 and 2 Plus En-suite, it caters to diverse preferences and needs. Students from the University of Huddersfield, Leeds Beckett University, and other prominent universities such as the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University find Snow Island, Huddersfield, conveniently located for their academic pursuits.

Huddersfield, the host city for Snow Island, Huddersfield accommodation, is a thriving educational hub boasting a rich history and vibrant student community. Home to the University of Huddersfield, this city stands out with its array of cultural landmarks and a bustling student life. With a strong educational infrastructure, Huddersfield attracts students from across the globe. Snow Island, Huddersfield, provided by Capitol Students, is perfectly positioned for residents to enjoy the city's offerings, including the picturesque Castle Hill, the historic Colne Valley, and the various festivals that reflect Huddersfield's cultural heritage. Its student-friendly atmosphere, coupled with a high academic standard, makes Huddersfield an ideal place for pursuing higher education and personal growth.

1. You need to pay an advance rent payment (£100 to £300) at the time of booking.

2. This will be deducted from the first installment or payment which is due before the tenancy start date.

Note: This is non refundable if you do not wish to move ahead with the booking.

1. Once the tenancy agreement is signed, you lose the right to cancel it. You are liable for the full rent unless a suitable replacement is found to take over your tenancy agreement.

2. Only when a suitable replacement has been found and they have completed their tenancy and paid any rent due, will you be released from your tenancy agreement.

1. If you have a guarantor then you can pay in installments (this is usually in September, January and April).

2. The 1st payment will be due 12 days to 1 month before your license starts.

3. If the 1st installment of your Student Loan is paid after this date then they can accept a payment of 4 weeks rent 1 week before you move in, with the balance paid when you receive your loan.

4. If you do not have a guarantor, then payment will be due when you move in.

Debit card, credit card or bank transfer

1. If you want to pay your rent in instalments, you’ll need a guarantor, not necessarily UK based. This is someone who is willing to sign a contract saying they’ll pay your rent if you fail to do so. Your guarantor cannot be another student or a government.

2. If you do not have a guarantor then you’ll need to pay your rent for the whole Agreement in advance.

3. In the circ*mstances where you do not have a guarantor then you can register with Housing Hand. Housing Hand will act as guarantor subject to meeting their terms and conditions.

At Snow Island, Huddersfield, student accommodation reaches new heights, offering a fusion of comfort and modern living. Students living at Snow Island, Huddersfield, are treated to a suite of en-suite room options such as the Premium 3 Plus En-suite for those desiring extra space, the Classic En-suite ideal for budget-conscious individuals, and the accessible versions, ensuring inclusivity for all students. Every room is thoughtfully designed with fully furnished spaces, complete with ample storage and high-speed Wi-Fi, fulfilling the needs of a modern-day student.

At Snow Island, Huddersfield student accommodation, your rent covers essential utilities like WiFi, electricity, water, and heating, ensuring a hassle-free living experience. Enjoy convenient amenities such as cycle storage, a common area, and a games area for relaxation and socialising. Various room options are available to suit your preferences. Take advantage of the outdoor courtyard and ultra-fast WiFi while benefiting from 24/7 security for peace of mind.

The Snow Island student accommodation Huddersfield Management Group capitolstudents is dedicated to maintaining a supportive and friendly environment and ensuring that students feel at home. Proximity to well-renowned institutions like the University of Huddersfield and Manchester School of Art makes Snow Island, Huddersfield student accommodation a premium choice for those prioritising both academic pursuits and vibrant social life in the picturesque West Yorkshire region.

Located at King's Mill Ln, Snow Island, Huddersfield student accommodation boasts a vibrant location that is just a stone's throw away from an array of amenities catering to all your needs. You'll be thrilled to find Greenhead Park, a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure, where you can unwind after a bustling day at the university. Moreover, cultural aficionados will revel in the proximity to the Huddersfield Art Gallery and the historical Tolson Museum.

For your culinary adventures, a wide selection of restaurants awaits you, such as Discovery Bay offering Caribbean delicacies, Thai Sakon for an authentic taste of Thailand, and Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant for a zesty experience. Coffee lovers can treat themselves to a refreshing blend at Coffeevolution or Bean Brothers Coffee Co. For quick grocery runs, supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tesco are just an excursion away. When it comes to your health and well-being, the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary provides peace of mind with its comprehensive medical services.

Snow Island, Huddersfield, also provides easy access to pulsating nightlife, with bars such as The Grove and Magic Rock Tap promising a good time. Should you face any midnight cravings or household needs, the late-night convenience of Asda Living caters to you around the clock.

Importantly, esteemed educational institutions like the University of Huddersfield and Leeds Beckett University are within the vicinity, making it an ideal hub for student life. If you're pursuing creative arts or music, the famed Leeds College of Art and BIMM Manchester are within reach, ensuring your academic pursuits are well supported.

A stay here means you are surrounded by all that Huddersfield has to offer, from essential services to entertainment and education. Snow Island, Huddersfield accommodation

When residing at Snow Island, Huddersfield, students are perfectly positioned to navigate the bustling city of Huddersfield effortlessly. Multiple public transport options nearby ensure that getting around is as convenient as it is reliable. Within a stone's throw from the accommodation are essential transport hubs, such as Huddersfield Railway Station, offering students quick access to local and intercity destinations. For those who prefer the ease of bus travel, the nearby Huddersfield Bus Station serves a number of routes that traverse the city and beyond. Trams and subway stations are not applicable to Huddersfield's transport system, but rest assured, with these transport stops within close proximity, the Snow Island, Huddersfield student accommodation is a prime location for students seeking hassle-free transit to universities, shopping areas, and cultural hotspots.

If you want to terminate your contract early, then you need to notify the property team. Once the new tenant will sign the tenancy agreement & their booking is confirmed and have paid the first installment of their rent, the property team will let you out of your agreement from the day new tenant move in, and refund you any unused rent that you've paid in advance (minus a £50 admin fee).

The property does not offer any cooling off period, all contracts are legal & binding.

Note: If you decided to cancel your tenancy, the amount equal to the lesser of (i) the Advance Rent and (ii) the amount equivalent to one week’s License Fee is non-refundable.

Private room at King's Mill Lane, Huddersfield | Erasmus Play (2024)
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