In the Name of the Law (2024)

In the Name of the Law

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
In the Name of the Law
Lutgardis Plaza
(New Kaineng City)
Grub Lane
(New Kaineng City)
Gwangsan Hill
(New Kaineng City)
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In the Name of the Law is the eleventh chapter of the End of Dragons story.


  • 1 Objectives
    • 1.1 Events
  • 2 Rewards
  • 3 Walkthrough
    • 3.1 Achievements
  • 4 NPCs
    • 4.1 Allies
    • 4.2 Foes
  • 5 Dialogue
    • 5.1 New Kaineng City
    • 5.2 Ministry of Security Headquarters
  • 6 My story


Set up a meeting with Minister Li.
  • Return to New Kaineng.
  • Head to the East Precinct.
  • Meet Rama in the back office.
  • Leave the precinct.
  • Get more information from Lt. Zhao.
  • (Help scrub up Grub Lane!)
  • Grub Lane Cleanup
    In the Name of the Law (2)
  • Pick up Detective Rama in your boat.
  • (Help Rama plant the listening devices.)
  • Devices planted: x/3
  • Return to the docks with Rama.
  • Activate the receiver.
  • Beat up the bigot.
  • Meet with Captain Min.
Present proof of your innocence to the Ministry of Security.
  • Head to the Ministry of Security Headquarters.
  • Talk to Rama.
  • Head to Minister Li's office.
  • Present evidence when the time seems right.
  • Just...present the evidence already! (if waiting until the very end of the dialog between between Rama and Li)
  • Follow Minister Li.
  • Get in the elevator.
Meet on the roof
  • Head to the transport pad.
  • Defeat Minister Li!
  • Defeat the Elite Guard!
  • Defeat Minister Li!
  • Defeat the Elite Guard!
  • Defeat Minister Li!
  • Walk with Rama and Li.
  • Check in with Rama.


  • Defeat the Purist Recruiter (80)


  • Tale of Adventure
  • Deluxe Gear Box
  • Bag of Loot (3)
  • If the corresponding elite specialization equipment achievement is active:
    • Notes on Blight
    • Notes on Building Flow
    • Notes on Martial Prowess
Replaying the story chapter
  • Tale of Adventure (5) (once per day)


Open world

Travel to Lutgardis Plaza Waypoint. After receiving Rama's call, head into MinSec's East Precinct building and climb the set of stair up to find Rama. He and his colleague deploy you to complete the heart at Grub Lane. Once the heart is done, return to East Precinct.

Rama's got some listening devices to plant all over the city waterways. In your skiff, take him to each of the three spots marked on the map with green stars, and then use the Toggle Anchor skill (use of this skill is optional, but this can be done if you've stopped the skiff but Rama still isn't planting any devices). There is an additional achievement Boat Tour for Two available here for taking Rama on a forced tourist trail of Kaineng of a further 4 optional spots marked on the map with green lore dialogue icons (must be completed prior to the mandatory spots). Once all of the mandatory spots have been visited, return Rama to East Precinct.

Navigate your way up to the receiver positioned near Tranquil Overlook (there is a set of steps north of East Precinct), and listen in on the conversation. The Veteran Purist Necromancer who offers a hero challenge in Grub Lane gives himself away on the call. Travel to Grub Lane once again, complete the combat hero challenge, and then return to MinSec for yet another dialogue - Precinct Captain Min has however granted an audience.


Walk with Rama up to Minister Li's office. Conversation ensues - there is an option to present the evidence from the beginning of the conversation with Minister Li, but wait until the line "That includes the reactor incident. Must I remind you their dragon's glowing fingerprints are all over the crime scene?" and then use the evidence in order to receive the Objection! achievement.

Follow Li and Rama, going up to the roof in the elevator when prompted to do so. After a short discussion with Li, he attempts to ambush the Commander. Rama and Min (in the form of a Jade Bot drone) assist during the fight. At various intervals he will step away from the top platform and you will need to fight with the same five elites as from the Kaineng Overlook strike. Defeating Li within the time limit triggers the Fascist Flattener achievement, and if you manage not to be downed during the fight (most likely due to one of Li's Bladesworn skills) you will earn the Resolute achievement. The Thrill of Battle effect is granted twice during the battle, once each time that Minister Li ejects the player from the upper platform to fight his goons.

Regroup with your allies on the rooftop to finish the mission, earning the In the Name of the Law achievement if not already earned on the player's account.


The story has a replayable checkpoint right before the boss fight, allowing the boss challenge achievements to be attempted easily.

In the Name of the Law (15) In the Name of the LawEnd of Dragons: Act 41 1
Clear your name.Journal: In the Name of the Law Completed
Reward: Stash of Crimson Skull Coins
Completed In the Name of the Law1
  • Complete the story mission.
Boat Tour for TwoEnd of Dragons: Act 41
Give Rama a nice boat ride across Cantha's waters.Visited 4 Conversation Points1
  • Do the four optional points on the map during "Devices Planted".
  • Once you have completed the three mandatory locations, be careful not to pass too close to the green return star before you hit all four optional points or else Rama will jump ashore and end this story step. To be safe, complete the four optional points before the third mandatory point.
Objection!End of Dragons: Act 41
Present the evidence at the ideal time.Presented the Evidence at the Ideal Time1
  • Present the evidence at the most dramatic point of the conversation. During the discussion between Rama and Li, they will discuss evidence of the Commander's involvement. Li will say "That includes the reactor incident. Must I remind you their dragon's glowing fingerprints are all over the crime scene?" - interact with the table and drop the evidence at any point during this line.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement Eligibility: Objection! effect.
Fascist FlattenerEnd of Dragons: Act 41
Take out the chapter bosses in the allotted time.Defeated Minister Li and His Cronies in the Allotted Time1
  • During the meeting on the roof, defeat all bosses in under 7 minutes.
  • If you take "Aurene Empowerment" you can not qualify for this achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement Eligibility: Fascist Flattener effect.
ResoluteEnd of Dragons: Act 41
Defeat the chapter boss without being downed.Defeated Minister Li without Being Downed1
  • Don't get downed during the meeting on the roof.
  • If you take "Aurene Empowerment" you can not qualify for this achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement Eligibility: Resolute effect.



  • Detective Rama
  • Lieutenant Zhao
  • Minister Li (turns hostile)
  • Precinct Captain Min
  • Technician Mogi


  • Minister Li
  • The Enforcer
  • The Mech Rider
  • The Mindblade
  • The Ritualist
  • The Sniper
  • Veteran Purist Necromancer
  • Elite Spirit of Preservation


New Kaineng City[edit]

Upon entering the city
Detective Rama: Commander, meet me at the East Precinct. Haven't been able to reach Li yet, but I have an idea.
<Character name>: I thought he asked you personally to bring me in? Is he always this tough to get a hold of?
Detective Rama: No. Not for me, anyway. But our departments are underwater right now. He's probably just busy.
Detective Rama: He directed all traffic to this office. My friend Min is the captain. She should be able to help us.
In the East Precinct
Technician Mogi: Captain Min wants no interruptions! Thanks to your buddy Li, our precinct is swamped!
Detective Rama: Let me back there, Mogi. I'm telling you, she'll be fine with it. Think I know her better than you do.
Technician Mogi: Oh, I forgot I'm talking to the Minister of Self-Importance. She's not even answering her door right now.
Detective Rama: She'll answer for me, okay? She knows my knock. We have a...secret knock. It's an inside joke from when we were kids.
Technician Mogi: Cute. And I'm sure you and Li have a special handshake. But the answer is "no." She's busy. And so am I.
Technician Mogi: But we'd be less busy if someone gave us a hand. Say, I don't know, a friend of Min's? Perhaps an admirer? Who cares deeply for her...
Detective Rama: Oho, you manipulative foot fungus. (sigh) I'll knock out a few tasks. To help her. Then you're letting me back there.
Technician Mogi: Deal. But until you're done, the only door you're getting through is the exit. No secret knock required.
After being instructed to leave the precinct
Detective Rama: MIN! HEY, MIN? YOU BACK THERE?
Technician Mogi: STOP SHOUTING! She can't hear you! I swear, I'll have you removed!
Detective Rama: Oh, you're gonna call the police on me?
Technician Mogi: Get out, Rama! A deal's a deal!
After leaving the precinct
Detective Rama: Sorry you had to witness that little kerfuffle. That was actually one of my more pleasant interactions with Mogi.
<Character name>: You two have a history?
Detective Rama: You could say that. We went through training together. He used to give me crap for— Meh, waste of breath.
Detective Rama: Anyway, we're helping with a few chores: some grubs, undead crows. Routine stuff.
Detective Rama: There's also an infestation of Purist activity in the area.
Detective Rama: Given their "political inclinations," you'd think they'd choose to live somewhere more agreeable to their bigotry.
<Character name>: You'd think.
Detective Rama: Listen, think you can handle Mogi's menial tasks on your own for a little while?
Detective Rama: I've got an idea. Might be a good one; might be crazy. I'll get back to you, Commander.
Speaking with Lieutenant Zhao at the Grub Lane heart
Lieutenant Zhao: East Precinct sent you to help? Thank whichever god is still watchin'. The city barrier is compromised; we need to clear out the Unchained Risen or we're looking at an even bigger outbreak.
In the Name of the Law (31) You could say that.
Normally, the Shrines of the Ocean protect us from the Unchained Risen, but the Eyes were stolen by a couple louts tryin' to kick up a little dust... A few Risen have already slipped through.
In the Name of the Law (32) Who would do that?
Purists, I'd guess. They've been acting more...bold recently. They're eager to highlight all the problems they could "fix" in Cantha. Got no qualms about making things worse to support their argument.
In the Name of the Law (33) Any plan to catch them?
They're stashed away somewhere in Grub Lane. if we can find where they're hiding out, we might be able to recover the Eyes of the Ocean that they stole. Restoring the shrines would be a great help.
In the Name of the Law (34) Until then, what's the situation with the Unchained Risen?
In the Name of the Law (35) I'll look into it.
In the Name of the Law (36) I'll keep an eye out.
In the Name of the Law (37) Tell me about these Unchained.
It started with the grubs... They're usually the first to spring up during a breach. The crows eat 'em, and...boom! We've got an airborne infestation. We need to clear out the area.
In the Name of the Law (38) How do I clear the grubs?
Squish 'em! They're surprisingly resilient, though; hard to kill something that's already dead. I've found that my springer's cannonball is the easiest method.
In the Name of the Law (39) And the crows?
In the Name of the Law (40) Let's talk about the thieves.
In the Name of the Law (41) What should I do with the crows?
You just need to catch them, but the problem is that after infection they keep flying until they drop... Should be able to intercept 'em with your springer.
In the Name of the Law (42) What about the grubs?
In the Name of the Law (43) Let's talk about the thieves.
In the Name of the Law (44) I think I've got it.
In the Name of the Law (45) Who would...want this to happen?
In the Name of the Law (46) I think I've got it.
In the Name of the Law (47) I'll see what I can do.
In the Name of the Law (48) I'll see what I can do.
After completing the task in Grub Lane
Detective Rama: Hey, Commander. I've got everything set up. What say we do some real police work?
<Character name>: I'd say "about time." What'd you have in mind?
Detective Rama: The East Precinct's been trying to identify a Purist ringleader hidden in Kaineng, to no avail.
Detective Rama: They only know a codename: "White Falcon."
Detective Rama: Min's been working at it for months. We might be able to help expedite her case. Meet me at the docks. And bring a skiff.
Arriving at the docks to pick up Rama with a skiff
Detective Rama: All right. Let's get this show on the...river. You sure you know how to drive this thing?
<Character name>: I've ridden an Elder Dragon, Detective.
(If you dropped Navan in the water during The Scenic Route)
Detective Rama: A mutual friend of ours had some feedback on your boating, is all. Said you dropped her in the water.
Detective Rama: Just...try to keep the boat afloat?
Detective Rama: Just checking. Don't get the hat wet.
Detective Rama: Anyway, a friend of mine in the Ministry of Intelligence lent me a few eavesdropping toys. Gods, I love my job.
Detective Rama: There's a couple'a bridges along the river that the Purists like to loiter around.
Detective Rama: Take us under them like we're a maintenance crew; I'll install the wires. With any luck, we'll hear some juicy Purist intel.
(one of the following) [verification requested]
<Character name>: I can't tell if this plan is really good or really bad.
<Character name>: I can't tell if this plan is brilliant or a disaster waiting to happen.
Detective Rama: But I bet you want to find out.
Detective Rama: We've got three bridges to hit. Just pull us up under each of 'em, anchor the boat, and I'll handle the rest.
If you drop Rama in the water at any point of the mission (one of the following)
Detective Rama: Maybe I should hand you over to Li.
Detective Rama: (sigh) Very funny, Commander.
Detective Rama: You owe me a new pair of shoes.
Approaching any bridge (one of the following)
Detective Rama: This looks like a good spot. Anchor her and I'll plant the bug.
Detective Rama: This only works if you drop anchor and keep a boat still.
Detective Rama: I can't work if we're untethered, Commander. Drop the anchor.
Detective Rama: Drop anchor and keep her steady.
First bridge
Detective Rama: That should do it. Let's get out of here before we're spotted.
<Character name>: If we find this...White Falcon, will that be the end of the Purists?
Detective Rama: No. An idea doesn't die with one person. But it'll make a difference.
Second bridge
Detective Rama: Done with this one.
Detective Rama: The Purist problem in Kaineng got ten times worse when White Falcon came onto the scene.
Detective Rama: I don't know what'll ever stop them. I thought the border opening would give 'em a little perspective...
Detective Rama: ...but so far it's only fanned the flames.
<Character name>: I'd like to think hearts can be won and societies can change. There are things we face that are bigger than all of us.
Detective Rama: Like the Void?
<Character name>: Like the Void.
Approaching Kappa Underpass before the third bridge
Detective Rama: Head through the tunnel there. Junkyard on the other side is a known hotspot.
Detective Rama: Heh. I had my first kiss in there. The "love tunnel," kids call it. Don't get any ideas, Commander.
Third bridge
Detective Rama: All right, that's the last of 'em. Let's head back to the docks.
Detective Rama: I gotta ask... Do you think we can actually stop the Void?
Detective Rama: It morphs reality.
<Character name>: I have to have faith in our allies. All the more reason we need to convince Joon and Li to help us.
Detective Rama: Well, you have this midlevel detective on your side. If the Void obliterates me, tell Minister Li I died a hero.
Optional points - Northwest of Lutgardis Plaza
Detective Rama: You check out any of the night markets yet? Definitely worth it. After we save the world from the Void, that is.
Optional points - Lutgardis Plaza
Detective Rama: I'd managed to avoid this sushi place, no matter how many times Min invited me.
Detective Rama: Then you and Navan dragged me there. Thanks for that.
<Character name>: Right. Uh, Rama...? May I ask about you and this Captain Min...?
Detective Rama: No, sir/ma'am, you may not.
Optional points - Grub Lane
Detective Rama: This is actually where I grew up. My dad's...a little much; would rather he didn't know I was here.
Optional points - Entrance to Petrified Woods
Detective Rama: All the jade shipped through Echovald arrives here. Jade Brotherhood like to target it.
If you leave Rama alone on the skiff and put too much distance between him and yourself.
Detective Rama: Didn't think you were the type to leave a job half done. Especially when the world's ending.
Detective Rama: Whatever you're up to, I'll be back at the docks when you're ready.
After returning to the docks with Rama.
Detective Rama: That was some top-notch spywork, Commander. Y'know, I heard MinTel might have some open positions in the near future.
(If Order of Whispers)
<Character name>: You're assuming I'm not already a spy.
Detective Rama: Ha ha, very funny.
<Character name>: Thanks, but my life has excitement to spare.
Detective Rama: I set up a receiver we can use. It's stashed away on higher elevation—better reception and all that.
Detective Rama: You head up there, and I'll head back to the office and try to get in touch with Min again. Let her know what we're up to.
Activating the receiver
Unknown (1): Mei. You are looking...ravishing today.
Unknown (2): What did I say about using names? Goddamn idiot.
Unknown (1): Sorry, sorry. Forgot we're supposed to use codenames. Hey, who do you think White Falcon is anyway?
Unknown (2): Hell if I know. The empress herself? Gotta be someone high up the food chain.
Unknown (2): Did you drop off the dossier?
Unknown (1): Do I look like some kind of Luxon street trash? Of course I dropped it off.
Unknown (1): With the kooky recruiter over in Grub Lane. Like you said.
Unknown (2): Good. That drop-off's going straight to White Falcon, so it's your ass on the line if you screwed it up.
Unknown (1): Yeah, yeah.
Detective Rama: We've got our target. I know which jackass recruiter they're talking about.
Detective Rama: Wanna pay our Purist friend a little visit?
<Character name>: With pleasure.
After defeating Purist recruiter
<Character name>: Hand over the dossier!
Veteran Purist Necromancer: Okay! Okay! Take it.
<Character name>: Rama. Just finished having a chat with our Purist friend.
Detective Rama: Did he sing?
<Character name>: With surprising ease.
Detective Rama: Nice. Min's ready to see us. And she chewed Mogi out for making us do his busywork.
Detective Rama: We can pass along the intel you got. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
Returning to Rama
Detective Rama: You can drop the disguise, Commander. She knows about you. This is Min. We grew up together in the "fancy" part of town.
Precinct Captain Min: Real fancy. Even the co*ckroaches wanted out of that dump. Speaking of co*ckroaches...
Precinct Captain Min: Sorry Mogi gave you the runaround. But he's right about us being swamped. Li keeps piling stuff on.
Detective Rama: Let me know if there's more I can do. I think Li's just stressed.
Precinct Captain Min: He can join the club. I know, I know, you've got a soft spot for him.
Detective Rama: Guess I can relate to him in some ways? His early days, at least. He can actually be easy to talk to—when he wants to.
Precinct Captain Min: Well, he's definitely got a soft spot for you. I told him you'd be there soon. Might wanna head over.
Detective Rama: Make any headway on that Purist case?
Precinct Captain Min: I feel like I'm about to make a breakthrough but a million distractions keep popping up. Like earlier...
Precinct Captain Min: I guess some guy was in our lobby shouting? Now I have to look into that. This city's coming unhinged.
Detective Rama: Yeah, wild times we're livin' in.

Ministry of Security Headquarters[edit]

Upon entry to the instance
Detective Rama: Place is always empty this time of night. Gives me the creeps. But less commotion's probably a good thing.
Detective Rama: Li usually works late, so he should be in his office. Let's take care of this.
Detective Rama: You brought the evidence, right?
<Character name>: Of course. Have a little faith in me.
Detective Rama: Just making sure we've covered our bases. Li can be tough to get through to sometimes.
Detective Rama: There's sort of an art to talking with him. Let me start things off, then you can back me up.
<Character name>: When should I chime in?
Detective Rama: You'll know. Just be patient and pay attention. Nervous?
<Character name>: Li doesn't intimidate me.
Detective Rama: Good. That makes one of us.
Talking to Minister Li
Minister Li: I knew you were the man for the job, Rama. I'd say you've got a promotion on the horizon.
Minister Li: But first things first: bring the suspect downstairs for questioning. We have a long night ahead of us.
Detective Rama: Sir, before we do that, uh, you should know there've been some developments in the case.
Minister Li: Go on.
Detective Rama: I hate to admit it, but I think we've been pursuing the wrong perp. I believe this suspect to be innocent.
Minister Li: Sounds like someone's been charmed by Ambassador Meade's dubious narrative. Don't tell me you're falling for their lies.
Detective Rama: No, sir. But I think our previous assumptions may not be as cut-and-dried as we thought.
Minister Li: What isn't "cut-and-dried"? This outsider's been part of every breach of national security since we opened our borders!
Minister Li: That includes the reactor incident. Must I remind you their dragon's glowing fingerprints are all over the crime scene?
Detective Rama: I—I'm aware. But a new piece of evidence was recovered that aligns with the commander's story.
Detective Rama: It points to another culprit: an asura named Ankka. She led an Aetherblade mutiny prior to the attack.
Minister Li: Bring her in for questioning as well, if you feel so compelled.
Detective Rama: I'm afraid I can't do that, sir. She's...well, she's dead.
Minister Li: Shame. Not that it matters. We'll see how well this one's story holds up after a few hours of interrogation.
Detective Rama: There isn't time. If we don't hurry—
Minister Li: If you don't hurry, my patience will run out, and I assure you, you don't want that to happen.
Minister Li: Take this louse downstairs for questioning. Now. That's an order!
Detective Rama: You can back me up anytime here, Commander.
Upon showing the evidence:
<Character name>: This was used at the reactor, Minister.
(If you show the evidence during at the dramatic point for the Objection! achievement)
Detective Rama: Nice.
(If you show the evidence earlier)
Detective Rama: Or you could rush right into it. Guess that works, too.
(If you show the evidence later)
Detective Rama: Finally. Was starting to think you really forgot.
Minister Li: What exactly am I looking at?
Detective Rama: A piece of the device used in the reactor incident. Aetherblade tech.
Detective Rama: Ankka, the Blades' first mate, used it to drain the dragon's magic during the airship crash. She then staged a mutiny.
Detective Rama: Later, she used that stored magic to cause the reactor incident. The signature matches the crystals at the scene.
Minister Li: To say this story sounds far-fetched would be putting it mildly.
Detective Rama: Minister, you taught me to believe in this organization. In the values it stands for.
Detective Rama: If I have even a shred of proof that points toward someone's innocence, it's my duty to take it seriously.
Detective Rama: Right now, the biggest threat isn't the commander, it's the dragon rampaging in the Jade Sea.
Detective Rama: We need to get her under control, and Joon's our best bet for that.
Detective Rama: The commander's willing to help with Joon once you give us the okay. Ha-Eung, I need you to trust me.
Minister Li: Very well. Let's get going. Oh, and Rama, if you ever use my given name again, you'll be on desk duty until you retire.
Minister Li: I have transport available on the roof. Should get us to Joon fairly quickly.
During an elevator ride
<Character name>: Incredible. There's nothing in Tyria I can even compare this place to.
Detective Rama: I still remember the first time you brought me up here, sir. I awe.
Minister Li: I felt the same when I started here. It's only gotten more impressive. Humbling reminder of how far we've come.
Minister Li: My specialized task force. Trained them myself. They'll be assisting tonight.
Minister Li: Joon's left her mark on this nation. She is a talented woman. Wish she'd focus that talent on what's in front of her.
Detective Rama: Some people are always looking for what else is out there. Guess we prefer working with what's already here.
Detective Rama: Everyone thinks their view of the world's the "right" one.
Minister Li: Hm.
Minister Li: Is everyone ready?
Detective Rama: Yes. Absolutely.
On the rooftop
<Character name>: Rama...?
Minister Li: Subdue the criminal.
Detective Rama: Sir, what are you doing?
Minister Li: I'm sorry you got caught up in this mess, son.
Minister Li: But it's best you leave matters to us. We'll see that they're handled appropriately.
Minister Li: Guards, see to it the outsider remains alive. But if force is required, you may use it.
Detective Rama: I'm not going anywhere 'til we get this straightened out.
The Enforcer: This is the best part of the job.
The Ritualist: It's my pleasure to detain you tonight.
The Ritualist: No need to be ostentatious, now. It's unbecoming.
The Mindblade: Got your jail cell ready! Fluffed the pillow myself.
The Sniper: You? (chuckles) Easy.
Detective Rama: Commander, get over here! Behind my shield!
Min: RAMA! Up here! It's Min. With a drone. Hi.
Min: After you two left, I finally solved the Purist case, and... I, well...didn't want you to be alone with Li...
Detective Rama: ...Oh... Oh, no...
Min: Yeah. You'll have to detain him. Let me try and find you a way up there.
Fighting Minister Li
Min: There! You should be able to reach him now. Be careful.
Detective Rama: This night just keeps getting better, huh?
Detective Rama: Minister, this will be easier if you cooperate.
Minister Li: That useless outsider is not worth your career. Or your freedom.
Detective Rama: The commander is innocent!
Minister Li: They're all "innocent." But even the smallest cut can lead to infection. And we've let this one fester.
The Ritualist: Sir, permission to assist you?
Minister Li: Permission denied. I'll handle this.
Minister Li: Rama, stop this nonsense! You're interfering with the law!
Detective Rama: And you're ignoring the law!
Fighting the Elite Guards
Minister Li: Guards, change of plan: place them both under arrest. Time in solitary should get Rama's head straight.
The Mindblade: I call the outsider!
The Enforcer: Aiding criminals, Rama? How the mighty have fallen!
The Ritualist: You'll look lovely in handcuffs!
The Ritualist: Stay synchronized, you two! Strength in pairs!
Min: I'll get you back up there. Just give me a minute.
Detective Rama: Min... You're absolutely sure... There's no doubt he's...
Min: Rama. I'm sorry.
<Character name>: You know who you're dealing with?
Fighting Minister Li
Min: All right, go get him!
Minister Li: Captain Min, I'll have your badge for this!
Min: File a report.
Minister Li: You're diluting your nation, Rama! Eroding its culture, its people!
Detective Rama: I think I'd know about eroded culture!
Minister Li: Don't be dramatic. History is the ebb and flow of power. Humanity striving for its best iteration.
The Ritualist: Sir, I insist. Allow me to help—
Minister Li: Mind yourself, soldier! I said I'll handle this.
Fighting the Elite Guards
Detective Rama: Finish them off, Commander! I'll take care of Li.
Minister Li: "Take care of me"? I taught you to fight!
When the Sniper snipes you from range (one of the following):
The Sniper: Trite. At best.
The Sniper: Night night.
Minister Li: If you weren't worthy, you wouldn't be my next in line for minister. I recognize your merits...despite your background.
Detective Rama: Then you don't recognize me at all! Or half the people you claim you stand for. You betrayed Cantha!
Minister Li: You're lecturing me about betrayal?
Minister Li: Guards: bring them dead or alive. Makes no difference.
<Character name>: I've had enough of you goons!
Fighting Minister Li
Min: Go get him, Commander.
<Character name>: Count on it.
Minister Li: Usually I prefer to handle these matters in private. But as deathbeds go, you could do worse. Enjoy the view.
Detective Rama: Now all of Cantha can see who you really are.
After defeating Minister Li
Minister Li: Enough! ENOUGH! I concede.
Detective Rama: Li Ha-Eung. I'm placing you under arrest for attempted murder and criminal conspiracy.
Detective Rama: And if being an asshole were a crime, I'd charge you with that, too.
Speaking with Rama
Detective Rama: This...this is going to be a whole lot of paperwork.
Detective Rama: Well, Commander, looks like my night's booked. You'll have to get to Joon on your own.
<Character name>: Will do. Good luck with Li.
Detective Rama: Oh, and... On behalf of the noncorrupt side of the Cantha Justice system: thanks.
Precinct Captain Min: You okay?
Detective Rama: Yeah...yeah... I'm an idiot. It was right there in front of me. (scoffs) Some detective.
Precinct Captain Min: This isn't on you. What's tough about these situations is they don't parade around in Purist masks.
Precinct Captain Min: You get so used to someone, you miss their tells. Before you know it, you're used to those, too.
Detective Rama: Wasted twelve years working for Usoku incarnate!
Precinct Captain Min: You've done so much. And that's not gonna stop. Li didn't make you a great detective. Or a great man. You did.
Speaking with Rama for the optional lore dialogue
<Character name>: Sorry...about all of this.
Detective Rama: At least now we can hold him accountable. Li sure puts the "criminal" in criminal justice.
<Character name>: But he's right about you making a great minister. You represent Cantha more than he ever could.
Detective Rama: Thanks. Doubt it's in the cards. Though he did set the bar nice and low for whoever's next.

My story[edit]

With newfound evidence proving my innocence, I met Rama at the East Precinct office with hopes of appealing to Li. Unfortunately, my plan was derailed, both by Li's absence and a less than cooperative precinct employee. After helping the precinct with some fieldwork on the streets of Kaineng, Rama's lifelong friend (and perhaps more?) Captain Min put us in touch with the Minister. Rama and I are back on track to speak with Li and put this misunderstanding to bed. The whole ordeal has made me increasingly grateful for those especially kindhearted citizens of Cantha, like Min and Rama. It's also made me very thankful my only work drama is dragon related.


At the Ministry of Security, Rama and I met with Li in an attempt to convince him of my innocence. I suspect that Li may be the only person in Cantha able to rattle Rama's cool composure. After presenting him with the evidence of Ankka's culpability, it seems Li has finally acknowledged the truth. More importantly, he's agreed to transport us to Joon's mansion so we can plead for her help with containing the Soo-Won situation. For the first time in recent events, I feel hopeful for what is to come.


I should've known better than to be overly optimistic. Upon reaching the MinSec rooftop to board our "transport" to Joon, Li ordered his Elite Guard to ambush me. Much to Li's outrage, Rama refused to allow this injustice to take place, and the two off[sic] us fought side-by-side to fend off the guards. The situation became even graver when Captain Min arrived with some devastating news: Li was, in fact, a covert leader of the Purists. With the help of some quick thinking from Captain Min, Rama and I were able to take down the (not-so) Elite Guard and detain Li for his crimes.

I'm incredibly grateful for the courage and kindness Rama showed me, but I worry about his well-being, knowing that Li was his longtime mentor. I do feel a bit better knowing that he will be in the capable company of Captain Min during Li's detention process. Now, with one destructive force contained, I make my way to Joon's mansion to ask for her help in vanquishing another.

My story

End of Dragons storyline

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