Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (2024)

This guide provides tips and strategies for the tenth strike mission and how to defeat Minister Li at Kaineng Overlook. If your group is struggling, the guidelines in the Introduction to Raiding will apply here as well. Check out the glossary page if you're not familiar with a term used in this guide and make sure to run an optimal build from our list of recommended builds for this encounter.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Strategy
  • 3 Phase 2 (The Ritualist, the Mindblade, and the Enforcer)
    • 3.1 The Mindblade
    • 3.2 The Ritualist
    • 3.3 The Enforcer
    • 3.4 Phase 2 Strategy
  • 4 Phase 3
  • 5 Phase 4 (Sniper and Mech Rider)
    • 5.1 The Sniper
    • 5.2 The Mech Rider
    • 5.3 Phase 4 Strategy
  • 6 Phase 5


Kaineng Overlook is a very structured fight - every attack within a phase occurs on a timer, so learning the patterns will enable you to prepare for mechanics before they occur. This, coupled with the length of the whole encounter makes it one of the most technically challenging fights in the game.

There is only a single defiance bar in this encounter, and in normal mode the reward for breaking it is minimal, so CC need not be a major consideration.

When fighting Minister Li he will regularly hit the arena with an attack that is very difficult to avoid. In normal mode, this makes supports that can provide Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (1) Aegis or Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (2) Stability helpful. In challenge mode, this same attack is Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (3) Unblockable and even more dangerous which means Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (4) Stability is practically mandatory.

In addition to ensuring you have specific boons, two of the enemies in phase two are empowered when close to one another which makes it worthwhile to assign a player to kite one of them away. In phase four, one player should tank The Mech Rider throughout the phase, while two other players should be assigned to attempt to pull the aggro of a specific attack from the Sniper (this can be skipped in normal mode, but is important in challenge mode).

The fight against Minister Li himself is actually the easier part of this encounter. Much more dangerous are the phases where you face off against multiple members of his retinue simultaneously. Because of this, classes that can bring consistent long-range cleave damage are very potent, and at the time of writing there is no class better suited to this than Condi Virtuoso.

The structure and timings are nearly identical in challenge mode, but there are some additional attacks in challenge mode and all mechanics are much more punishing.

Challenge Mode Only: In the normal mode there are barriers around the majority of the arenas that prevent you from being knocked off, and you will be teleported back onto the platform in downed state if you do manage to fall. In challenge mode, the barriers are removed, and falling results in instant death, further enhancing the need for Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (5) Stability.

Note: There is a "secret tank" in this encounter, who is the first person to load into the instance. Some mechanics will always be aimed at this player, so it can be helpful to use this to your advantage by having a particular player load into the instance first. The most significant of them is the Mech Rider's , which means that it may be worthwhile having the player who tanks the Mech Rider be the one assigned as the Secret Tank.

Note: Several mechanics in this encounter can target dead players. Most notably and . In the latter case, this means that the mechanic will essentially be skipped.


You start on a platform with Minister Li. He disappears as soon as he is attacked and a zipline becomes active to take players up to another platform to fight the Minister. Be aware that the zipline functions as a transform, and will therefore destroy any summoned creatures such as ranger spirits, elementalist elementals or necromancer minions.

Minister Li is a Bladesworn, and he attacks primarily using the different forms of Dragon Slash.

- As the first player arrives on his platform, Minister Li aims a large conal attack toward a player that deals heavy damage and Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (6) Launches players back. He will occasionally rotate to track the player if they move, but there will always be enough time to move behind him before it hits.
Challenge Mode only: The final AoE indicator is removed, and the attack cannot be avoided in any way if you're inside of it. This means that sharing Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (7) Stability before this attack hits is incredibly helpful. Further, Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (8) Stability is removed upon being downed which makes it likely that any player downed by this attack will be knocked off the platform and die. Thus Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (9) Protection is also strongly recommended.
- Next, Minister Li will aim for one of the four corners and prepare to charge to it. The Rush deals heavy damage multiple times to anyone in the path, almost certainly downing them. Players should ensure they are behind Minister Li before this happens.

From the corner, Minister Li will towards the middle of the arena. Everyone should squeeze into the space behind him to avoid taking damage unnecessarily.

Challenge Mode only: (see below) occurs on one random player every time Minister Li reaches a corner.

He will then back to the center of the platform.

Dragon Slash - Burst

Three random players are marked with a numeral indicator over their heads. After 11 seconds, Minister Li will fire a at each person in turn (going from I to III). Any player caught in the path will take extreme damage, and getting hit by the attack applies Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (10) Extreme Vulnerability. Being hit a second time while afflicted with Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (11) Extreme Vulnerability will instantly kill the player. Thus the three players should spread out from the stack and ideally should position themselves in one half of the arena to give as much safe space for the rest of the group as possible.

While preparing this attack, Minister Li will rotate to face a target (not necessarily one of the numbered players) as if about to attack, but he won't do anything. Players should ensure they are not between the boss and one of the numbered players, rather than worry about where he's facing.

Challenge Mode only: five players are now targeted, but the attack will no longer hit players in between the boss and the numbered players so they can spread out across the whole platform. Additionally, when a player is hit by the attack it drops a small red AoE underneath them that also triggers instant death from Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (12) Extreme Vulnerability so targeted players should immediately move after being hit to avoid it.

The AoEs remain in place for 20 seconds, so it is important that they are not dropped in the corners, as this will dramatically reduce the safe space available.

Note: There is a bug in challenge mode whereby if you phase Minister Li to 66% after he begins to attack, everyone will be stuck in place for the phase transition, but his attacks will continue. As they will be unable to move to avoid the AoEs, this will almost certainly result in multiple deaths. If the group is not confident that they can hit 66% before the attacks start, they should slow down on DPS until the attack has finished.

After this, Minister Li will repeat , targetting a random player.

Challenge Mode only: (see below) occurs on one random player during the slash.

After this, Minister Li will repeat the pattern of attacks until he reaches 66%:

(center) (to corner) (corner) (to center) (center)

Phase 2 (The Ritualist, the Mindblade, and the Enforcer)

At 66% health Minister Li goes invulnerable, freezes everyone in place, then launches the entire squad back to the lower platform. Shortly after, three of his minions appear on the platform.

Each of the three spawns in the middle of the square tile patterns on the eastern half of the arena, going from north to south: The Enforcer, the Ritualist, and the Mindblade. The Enforcer and Mindblade will periodically fixate on the closest player and direct the majority of their attacks at these players. If the Enforcer or Mindblade are allowed to come within ~500 units of each other, they will buff each other with Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (13) Lethal Inspiration, adding lifesteal to their attacks and converting conditions into boons every 10 seconds.

The Ritualist does not move for the first 40 seconds of this phase, and the Enforcer will immediately teleport to the middle and begin a fixed-pattern dash attack. Therefore it is most efficient to have a player immediately pick up the Mindblade's fixation and pull her onto the Ritualist to cleave the two of them together.

With three enemies to deal with at once, the number of mechanics can be overwhelming, so we will first look at each of the minibosses in turn, and then how they all fit together.

Note: For some reason, Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (14) Immobilize can affect these minibosses even though they have locked defiance bars, this can delay their movement.

The Mindblade

The Mindblade is a Virtuoso (but fortunately one that will close to melee range). This is the simplest of the three minibosses, and mostly just performs a basic auto chain:

Flying Cutter Flying Edge Fan of Blades

Storm of Swords

25 seconds into the phase (85 seconds in challenge mode), three overlapping AoEs will appear around the Mindblade. After three seconds, a appears at each AoE and moves away from the miniboss, inflicting Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (15) Torment and dealing moderate damage. This attack repeats after 50 seconds, this time featuring six non-overlapping AoEs.

Challenge Mode only: Players hit by will receive a stack of Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (16) Infirmity, reducing their incoming healing by 25% per stack for the next 15 seconds.

Rain of Blades (CM only)

After 35 seconds, two random players are targeted by large orange AoEs. After seven seconds, a series of five damaging AoEs will be dropped at the player's location at two-second intervals. Each AoE pulses very heavy damage to players hit, almost certainly killing them before they can be saved. The players should move to the edge of the arena and drop each of them in a line away from the group. While it would leave the most free space, having both players drop at the same locations can lead to confusion, so it may be safer for them to go to opposite sides of the arena if possible..

The Ritualist

The Ritualist does not fixate on a player and never moves apart from occasionally teleporting to a new location.

- Immediately after spawning, the Ritualist channels an attack that spawns multiple small AoEs near players, each one dealing moderate damage and removing boons.

After , the Ritualist will attack the Secret Tank from range with Lightning Strike, dealing low damage with each hit.

Summon Spirit

40 seconds into the phase, the Ritualist will teleport to the center of the arena and summon a number of untargetable spirits, each with a large AoE around them. The spirits explode five seconds after the AoEs appear, dealing heavy damage to players inside them and either Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (17) Launching or Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (18) Pulling them.

There are two variants of this attack. The first summons four spirits midway between the Ritualist and the platform edge, leaving the corners free. These spirits will Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (19) Launch players away.

The second variant summons two spirits, with a safe zone underneath each spirit. The longer edges of the arena will also have safe space, but standing underneath a spirit is likely to be more convenient. These spirits will Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (20) Pull players into them.

The Ritualist will alternate between the two variants approximately every 60 seconds.

Challenge Mode only: More spirits will spawn, reducing the playable space. At the same time, two players will receive , making it important for the group to remain stacked together.

The Enforcer

The Enforcer is a Willbender who alternates between charging around the arena in a fixed pattern and attacking their fixated target with basic sword attacks.

Rushing Justice + Booming Command

Immediately as the phase starts, the Enforcer will teleport to the center of the arena and repeatedly use in an hourglass pattern north -> southwest -> east -> south -> northeast -> west. He leaves behind willbender flames on the ground that apply Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (21) Burning and deal low damage.

Upon finishing the charges, a medium-sized red AoE appears around him and he issues a that Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (22) Taunts anyone caught inside, then rapidly spins in place, dealing heavy damage.

This attack repeats every 70 seconds. He will use a different hourglass pattern the second time, instead moving southwest -> east -> northwest -> northeast -> west -> southeast. He alternates between the two patterns throughout the phase.

Challenge Mode only: the willbender flames from apply Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (23) Infirmity, reducing incoming healing by 25% per stack. The Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (24) Taunt AoE from is now larger than the damaging AoE, and the whirl attack fires out a ring of small, hard-to-spot AoEs that apply Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (25) Debilitated for 30 seconds when hit.

Players can stand just outside the damaging AoE, or at the platform edges to avoid getting hit by the projectiles.

After finishing and , the Enforcer will fixate on the closest player and move to them to attack with a basic sword chain:

Sword of Wrath Sword Arc Sword Wave

Heaven's Palm

55 seconds into the phase, three random players and the Enforcer get a large AoE around them. After five seconds, the Enforcer leaps in the air and a heavenly palm slams down, dealing heavy damage and briefly applying Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (26) Extreme Vulnerability. Getting hit by more than two AoEs at once will instantly down the player.

This attack can be blocked and evaded and repeats every 35 seconds.

Challenge Mode only: Everyone is targeted, and the AoEs are larger.

The Enforcer will fixate on the closest player after .

Phase 2 Strategy

While each miniboss is simple, fighting all three at once means you will often get different mechanics chained together, so a typical playbook is presented:

As the phase begins, one player should move to the Mindblade's location to pick up the aggro, while the rest of the group stacks on the platform edge near the Ritualist. Once fixation has been picked up, move the Mindblade towards the Ritualist so they can be cleaved together. Try to have the Mindblade on the outside edge of the platform to reduce the risk of her ending up too close to the Enforcer.

As the Enforcer starts , a second player should move close to the AoE to pick up the Enforcer's fixation. As players will likely still be attacking the Mindblade, the Enforcer should be kited away (or kept in place if the Mindblade has been moved far enough away) - this is most efficiently done by a class with some inherent sustain that can also provide damage or support from range.

Challenge Mode only: As starts, supports should try to provide Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (27) Stability to prevent the Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (28) Taunt. Then, everyone should look out for the small AoEs that apply Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (29) Debilitated. The extreme edge of the platform is safe, but players need to be practically hanging off the edge which can be risky. A safer approach is to wait for the Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (30) Taunt AoE to disappear, then dodge into the arena towards the Enforcer and stand just on the outside of the red AoE.

After 40 seconds, the Ritualist will teleport into the middle of the arena and Summon Spirits. This will most likely force the group to move, just be sure not to pull the Enforcer and Mindblade together. Once Summon Spirits ends, the Ritualist will teleport again to the western side of the platform. Depending on the health of the Mindblade, you can either pull it onto the Ritualist to continue cleaving, or finish it off and pull the Enforcer onto the Ritualist instead.

Once the Mindblade is dead, the encounter becomes a lot simpler: continue to pull the Enforcer on top of the Ritualist and avoid AoEs as normal. The Enforcer is difficult to hit while performing , so focus on the Ritualist instead. The Ritualist is almost certainly going to be the next to die, leaving you with just the enforcer.

Once all three are dead, the zipline back to Minister Li's platform will reappear.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is very similar to Phase 1, though the attacks come in a slightly different order and his pattern of charges is now fixed.

As the first people reach his platform, Minister Li will to the south corner and aim towards the middle of the platform. will now sometimes coincide with a new mechanic:

Targeted Expulsion

Shortly after reaching the corner, Minister Li targets the five closest players with a medium-sized AoE. The AoEs detonate after five seconds, dealing 20% of each player's max health. If they are stood in more than one AoE, the second one deals 150% of their maximum health which will instantly down them.

Challenge Mode only: This mechanic only targets four players, and coincides with the second of the phase, rather than the first.

When this mechanic coincides with , there is not enough safe space behind Minister Li to avoid overlapping the AoEs. Technically, there is time to move out after hits, but the window is very short and it would be difficult to avoid some players moving in the same direction and hitting each other.

In practice, the affected players will therefore need to stand in front of Minister Li and accept the hit from . The damage and Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (31) Launch are highly dangerous (particularly in challenge mode), so it is strongly recommended to defend against them. In normal mode this can be done by sharing Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (32) Aegis just before people spread - this will prevent the attack from hitting at all. This will not work in challenge mode though, so instead Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (33) Stability should be used in combination with Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (34) Protection to prevent the Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (35) Launch and survive the damage (this also works in normal mode).

There is just enough space behind Minister Li for three affected players to stay there, but they need to be precise with their positioning and other players need to ensure they're not stood in more than one AoE.

Next, he will dash clockwise to the next corner and repeat + . Minister Li will do this until he has charged to each corner.

After completing + in the fourth corner, he will back to the middle of the platform and perform . Afterward, he will dash back to the first corner and start the pattern again.

Challenge Mode only: The movement pattern is the same, but rather than in every corner, it now alternates with two s, starting with in the first corner. As in phase one, the group may need to moderate its DPS if Minister Li is in danger of hitting 33% health during .

Phase 4 (Sniper and Mech Rider)

At 33% health Minister Li goes invulnerable once more and launches everyone back to the lower platform. Shortly after, two more of his minions appear on the platform. This is typically the longest and most difficult phase as mishandling the mechanics can result in an overwhelming about of damage pressure.

The two enemies faced in this phase are the Sniper and the Mech Rider, and they are linked by an effect called Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (36) Vitality Equalizer. This tracks the health% difference between the two minibosses and should it go above 20%, Equalization Protocol is triggered. As the name suggests, Equalization Protocol equalizes their health (so the higher health miniboss loses 10%, and the lower health gains 10%), and additionally, both of them gain a damaging aura called Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (37) Destructive Aura for 30 seconds.

Challenge Mode only: Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (38) Destructive Aura hits harder, rips all boons from players and lasts until the end of the phase.

Note: For some reason, the first time Equalization Protocol is triggered in a phase, the lower health miniboss only regains 5% of their health.

Equalization Protocol defines how you play this phase. The safest method will be to start by attacking the Sniper and switch focus to the Mech Rider when you reach 10-15 stacks of Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (39) Equalization Matrix. The Sniper will regularly leave the platform, so you can also switch focus to the Mech Rider until she returns.

A riskier strategy relies on the fact that the Mech Rider has significantly more health than the Sniper (~3.43 times as much health on Normal Mode). This means focussing entirely on the Sniper and deliberately triggering Equalization Protocol is an effective way to quickly reduce the Mech Rider's health. Given that there are regular moments where you can only attack the Mech Rider, and Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (40) Destructive Aura only lasts 30 seconds, it is usually possible to finish this phase in this way without triggering it too many times. It is very possible to out-heal the ticking damage in Normal Mode but is not recommended for Challenge Mode.

It is worth noting that neither the Sniper nor the Mech Rider will move while they are on the platform, so they will always be over 600 units away from each other. This means that classes with long-range cleave, such as Condi Virtuoso are extremely effective in this phase as they can deal damage to both targets simultaneously.

As in Phase 2, the separate Mechanics of the two minibosses will be explained, followed by an overview of how they fit together.

The Sniper

The Sniper is a Deadeye, and while she will occasionally attack with standard rifle skills (Deadly Aim, and Three Round Burst), these attacks are inconsequential, and the Sniper mostly just stands there when she is on the platform. Her real threat occurs when she teleports away from the platform.

Jade Ricochet

Approximately 20 seconds after spawning (30 seconds in CM), the Sniper teleports away to one of seven small platforms above the current one. The platform she goes to is random, and upon arriving, she will immediately target the closest player with a powerful shot, indicated by an orange laser and a faint red AoE surrounding the targeted player. After 10 seconds, the Sniper fires, dealing heavy damage to the targeted player. If there are any other players within the red AoE, the attack may ricochet to them and back to the original target.

At the same time as this attack starts, all other players will be targeted with . As players spread to deal with this mechanic, it is vital they do not move too close to the player targeted by .

can be avoided in several ways - it can be blocked and dodged, or avoided with invulnerability or projectile defense. As there is no indicator of when the attack will hit, this can be difficult to time, so longer-duration defensive effects are useful.

Challenge Mode only: After the initial shot, rather than return to the platform, the Sniper will instead pick the closest target, teleport to the next platform clockwise or anticlockwise of their position (randomly), and fire again. The second and third shots occur faster (after approximately four seconds). Additionally, the shots are no longer blockable and if the attack ricochets it will kill the target.

This mechanic repeats every 75 or 85 seconds (alternating).

In Normal Mode, this attack is relatively low threat as it only affects a single target, who can simply be ressed if they are downed by it. In CM though, the danger of instant death means that it's much safer to have a specific player pick up the aggro for this attack and heal up between each shot. The heavy damage and requirement for healing mean that a tanky healer is ideal for this job.

Unfortunately, as you cannot know which platform she will jump to ahead of time, for this to be reliable, the squad will need two players to fill this role. They will need to head to opposite ends of the platform just before this attack occurs, to ensure that one of them is always picked. Because the Sniper picks a new target before she teleports, the targeted player (assuming one of the intended targets has been selected) should move toward the Sniper's location to ensure they pick up the next target too.

Players not wishing to be targeted should try to avoid the platform edges as much as possible, ideally closing to melee the Mech Rider after ends.

After finishes, the Sniper will return to a random spot on the platform and continue not doing much of anything.

Jade Laser Shot + Shared Destruction

Approximately 50 seconds into the phase (60 seconds in CM), the Sniper teleports away once more, this time to one of the four larger platforms near each of the four corners of the platform you're on. Once more, a random player will be targeted, but this time with a green laser indicator.

At the same time, a random player is targeted with a medium-sized green AoE. After six seconds, all players within the AoE are hit by , with the damage reduced for each person inside. If fewer than three players are inside, the entire squad takes heavy damage.

The shot from the sniper cannot be avoided in any way and will deal extreme damage to all players between the target and the sniper. To prevent the attack, some players will need to follow the laser to a nearby zipline, which will take them up to the Sniper's location. The Sniper has a defiance bar (strength: 1000) which, when broken, will cancel the attack and apply Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (41) Stunned for five seconds and Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (42) Exposed for 10 seconds.

Challenge Mode only: is indicated by a more visible red laser, and will instantly kill any player hit by it. Additionally, will down the entire squad if fewer than three players are inside the AoE.

This mechanic repeats every 85 or 75 seconds (alternating).

As with , this attack is low threat in Normal Mode and can be resolved by ensuring people don't get too close to the target, and ressing them after they are hit.

In Challenge Mode, however, the group will need to deal with it. Not much CC is required to break her, as the Sniper's defiance bar is tiny and she doesn't clear conditions when she teleports (so there is very likely to be some soft CC done already), so a minimal number of players can be sent up to her (just be sure to leave at least 3 behind to deal with !).

If the majority of the group goes to CC, it is highly recommended that the group stacks up in the green while moving toward the zipline, and does not take the zipline until has detonated.

However ends, the Sniper will shortly return to the platform. She will alternate between these two attacks until she is killed.

The Mech Rider

Unlike the sniper, the Mech Rider will be on the platform for the entire phase. While there is a target within melee range, the Mech Rider will direct a basic punch attack called towards this player, alternating between a narrow cone and a large cone AoE. If there is no player in range, it will instead fire a barrage of dangerous AoEs across the platform in front of it. If there is still no target within range at the end of this attack, it will begin to repeatedly launch a shot at the player with the highest toughness, leaving behind a dangerous pulsing AoE. In challenge mode, applies Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (43) Debilitated and applies Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (44) Exposed to players they hit.

It is strongly recommended to have a player responsible for tanking the mech throughout this phase in order to avoid the more dangerous attacks. Ideally, this would be a player that is self-sufficient and able to fulfill some role despite being at range.

The aggro mechanic for this Miniboss is very unusual: It seems to target the closest player that is in front of the mech, but also frequently seems to lose sight of its target and begin . It is best to stay close and try to keep movement as limited as possible to avoid the miniboss considering the tank behind them.

The Mech Rider spawns in the middle of the platform, facing southwest (where the group enters the platform at the start of the phase). This means the tank player can position themselves in anticipation, and it is ideal if they can try to slowly rotate the boss away from the rest of the group so that they do not accidentally pick up aggro or end up in line of the AoEs.

Push + Jade Mines

The Mech Rider stops attacking and begins to whirl its arms around itself, pushing players back and launching multiple s around the platform. These mines deal heavy damage to anyone who walks into them, but they can be safely destroyed by dodging into them, or walking into them while blocking or invulnerable.

The strength of the push depends on how close a player is to the Mech Rider when the attack starts - the closer the player is, the stronger the push. This means it is safest for players to back away as this mechanic begins.

The push lasts approximately four seconds, and the attack repeats approximately every 160 seconds. In normal mode, this attack will start almost immediately, whereas in challenge mode it occurs approximately 10 seconds into the phase.

Challenge Mode only: With no barriers on the sides, the push is significantly more dangerous. Additionally, two random players will be targeted with and four other players are targeted with .

In challenge mode, the players with should spread out, and all other players (except the mech tank, if they are not targeted) should group up so that the greens are stacked together. There needs to be at least three players in each green, so as long as the two stack together, only one other player is needed to survive the mechanic. In an emergency, this can even be one of those with .

As the mech tank can be targeted by either of these mechanics, it may be beneficial if they quickly move toward the stack just before the Push starts. This should also mean they are not pushed too far away.

Note: The aggro of the mech is incredibly awkward to maintain during the push. For this reason it is strongly recommended that the mech tank bring a teleport skill so that they can reposition themselves in front of the boss if needed. This is particularly valuable in CM.

Jade Buster Cannon

Approximately 35 seconds into the phase (45 seconds in challenge mode), the Mech Rider will turn to face the Secret Tank and fire its in their direction.

A long rectangular AoE appears and after a five-second delay, the Mech Rider will fire the cannon in a continual beam that lasts another five seconds. The attack is both larger and lasts longer than the AoE suggests, so players should be very careful as anyone downed inside the beam will almost certainly die.

Challenge Mode only: Four random players will be targeted by when this attack begins.

This mechanic repeats every 75 or 85 seconds (alternating)

It would be beneficial if the player tanking the mech was also the Secret Tank in order to prevent the mech from turning around and aiming into the stack (so have the mech tank be the first to load into the instance).

Explosive Uppercut

Approximately 80 seconds into the phase (90 seconds in challenge mode), two random players will have a Roman numeral appear above their heads. After 12 seconds, the Mech Rider will leap to each marked player in order and perform an AoE that deals a small amount of damage and Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (45) Floats the player if hit.

Challenge Mode only: Five players are now targeted, and the attack inflicts Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (46) Extreme Vulnerability, killing a player if they are hit by the attack twice.

This mechanic repeats every 160 seconds.

Targeted players should spread out a safe distance away from other players, though the attack is effectively harmless in normal mode.

Phase 4 Strategy

Whether in normal mode or challenge mode, the mechanics in this phase line up in the same way, with the CM simply being offset by 10 seconds.

As the phase starts, the mech tank should move into position in front of the Mech Rider's spawn location. Other players should stand a small distance away to ensure they don't pull aggro, and wait for the sniper to appear. The first mechanic will be the Push, so players may wish to be as far from the middle as they can (this will also give the mech tank some room to move away without losing aggro). In challenge mode, the rest of the group should try to be stacked so that the players with are most likely to already be on top of one another.

20 seconds after the Push, the sniper will teleport away for , so if you have players assigned to kite this mechanic they should be in position when it occurs. When players spread for they should be careful not to get too close to the kiters' positions.

15 seconds later, the Mech Rider will use . As long as previous mechanics were handled safely, this shouldn't be too much of a threat. The group should be wary that if the Secret Tank is on the stack, then everyone will need to move when this mechanic occurs.

15 seconds after that, the Sniper will teleport away once more for . If breaking the sniper, the group should make sure that is handled first.

Finally, 30 seconds later the Mech Rider will use . While affected players just need to spread out slightly, and the mechanic is otherwise low threat, it takes a long enough time to complete that the second loop will have started with before it ends. So the players that spread for numbers should be careful not to get too close to the kiters' positions.

After this, the pattern of mechanics repeats from the beginning, with the exception that the Push and only occur every other loop. The timings are also slightly different on alternating loops, for normal mode these are:

95 seconds into the phase:
110 seconds into the phase:
135 seconds into the phase:
160 seconds into the phase: Loop begins again with Push.

Once both minibosses are below 20% health, Equalization Protocol can no longer be triggered and the group can focus the weaker of the two down. Once both are dead, the zipline back to the final confrontation with Minister Li activates.

Phase 5

The final phase is much the same as the previous phases against Minister Li, but the mechanics will overlap even more.

He starts by using to the south corner, followed by . He then repeats to the east corner.

Challenge Mode only: will coincide with . These mechanics can target the same players, and hits just before Minister Li starts attacking the targets. All targeted players can move out immediately, or those who only have numbers can move out as soon as hit. It is recommended that the lower-number players move out early as they won't have much time to reposition. Additionally, the attack will carry on past the target, so marked players should ensure they are not standing behind one another.

From here, Minister Li will prepare , while at the same time, five players receive , and another random player gets (the same player cannot get both).

If eight or more players are remaining, then it is safe for all five players with to move out, leaving the remaining players to stand in the AoE. If there are fewer though, the players that move out will either need to quickly move back in (there is about a two-second gap between and hitting), or some affected players will need to stay behind Minister Li. Be aware that with the two different AoE visuals overlapping, it makes it more difficult to be sure that people are not standing in multiple AoEs.

Challenge Mode only: Two players are targeted with .

Minister Li will repeat this pattern of RushBurstRushWave + Targeted Expulsion + Shared Destruction, moving in an anticlockwise pattern.

Challenge Mode only: coincides with either or two players receiving . The extra mechanic alternates, starting with in the first corner.

After reaching the fourth corner, Minister Li will back to the center of the platform and perform Wave + Targeted Expulsion + Shared Destruction.

Challenge Mode only: Rather than use , Minister Li will use instead. This means that several players will have a number in addition to one of the other mechanics. The order they hit in is Targeted ExpulsionShared DestructionBurst, and they should be prioritized in that order as well.

Further, this combination happens twice in a row before Minister Li restarts his pattern, so care should be taken that the players targeted by do not drop their AoEs in bad locations (particularly the corners).

The pattern then repeats from the start of the phase, though he starts by charging to the east corner instead.

Guide:Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Strategy Guide (2024)
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